Perception:  Did Descartes Get it Right?  Do the Senses Deceive? 

      Do the senses deceive? Perception varies across culture, time, and peoples.  Even statistics prove to be perceptual problems  when



      Examine this demographic of the voters in the last American presidential election.  What seemed to be an overwhelming victory of red

      over blue states appears quite differently when a county or population map is used.


        Perception is not just about visual tricks.  Distorted views may lead to calloused and selfish choices.




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Two faces or one?

The graphic design has fooled the cat into perceiving depth where it does not exist 




We know the fence is white though in the light it appears many darker shades 


Which way does the water flow?
Which is larger -- the fish or the man? 
  illusionist art Are the rows of vegetation converging on each other? 
  a word within a word Which log is larger-- the one in the foreground or the background? 


same or different heights?    

Stare at the bulb on the left for one minute then stare at the blank side    
  Seeing things?    

Try to count the black dots    


concentrate on the black dot, eventually the rest will disappear    


Clinton and Gore?  Look again